Welcome to Nutralike Health care, it gives as an intense pleasure and satisfaction to have you here and very thankful for giving us your precious time.

Established in 2014NUTRALIKE HEALTHCARE occupied in the manufacturing of Nutraceutical products like health supplements including Effervescent tablets, Multivitamin Nutraceutical Tablets and Nutraceutical Capsules, Chewable tablets as well and also Food and Dietary supplements including protein powders, Gym supplements and Energy drinks.

NUTRALIKE started its set up in 2014 and now is transpired as one of the high-ranking companies and made its own space in the market.


Our aim is to manufacture all types of nutrition supplements to implement your needs at a very economical price available to each & every one. This will allow us to contribute something for our society & to our nation and to fight against malnutrition. We manufacture those products that fulfill the lacking body requirements and in turn result in a safe and fit society.


Our vision is to be one of the leading companies of health care and Nutraceuticals and expand it to manufacture and provide you with the best valuable and affordable products to step into with an active society and a fit country.


We manufacture products for different brands and are likely known as Third-party Manufacturing.

The production analysis is also managed by a qualified person, where we examine the quality control resulting in a better quality assurance well- handled according to the norms and also the Quality control with regular lab testing is managed.

At our in-house quality testing laboratory, every product is strictly examined on pre-defined quality parameters in order to offer our customers only a pure array of products. We are also supported by a spacious warehousing department, wherein we safely store all the products. Our talented team of warehousing professionals takes preventative criteria to assure that a favorable environment is maintained to make sure protection of all products from all types of environmental hazards.

We feel proud that we are doing something positive for the people’s health and in turn society & the nation as a whole.